Bisnow Build To Rent Annual Conference Guy Harris AccessiblePRS
Why Build-to-Rent is perfect to scale accessible housing.

Wheelchair accessibility and inclusion sit perfectly within the nascent Build-to-Rent sector, though it’s a concept that provokes degrees of personal and corporate discomfort.

The Rightmove to clearer online accessibility information
The Rightmove to clearer online accessibility information

Rightmove's first steps towards a new standard for clearer, online, information provision on accessibility features in the private rented sector.

AccessiblePRS 3am Test for Inclusive Letting Agents Accessible Property Listings
The 3am Test for Inclusive Property Listings

The AccessiblePRS "3am Test" describes how sales and letting agents can provide enough of the right kind of information in property listings for disabled renters.

Opinion on the Government National Disability Strategy
Opinion: The Government's National Disability Strategy.

Opinion: we look at the Government's National Disability Strategy and explain how their section on Housing offers nothing new or meaningful.

Cost of Tenant Changeover
Have you calculated the cost of your tenant changeovers?

When looking at the types of tenants we want for our investment properties, changeover costs are an important part of strategic decision making. Stable long term tenants can save a lot of money.

Funding accessibility adaptations
Accessible Housing: The Funding Gap.

The cost of accessibility depends on when it's implemented. Who pays for any adaptation works to make a property suitable for wheelchair users in the private rented sector?

Wheelchair accessible housing for British military and ex-military
Wheelchair Accessible Housing for Ex-Military Personnel.

If you are military or ex-military and looking for wheelchair accessible housing to rent privately, there is much help out there for you, regardless of how long it was since your service.

Our fear and discomfort around disability
Our Fear & Discomfort Around Disability.

The fundamental problem I see that we have with disability is that we’re totally unaware of our issues around disability - culturally and individually.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Accessibility in the Private Rented Sector AccessiblePRS
All Party Parliamentary Group for the Private Rented Sector.

An All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Private Rented Sector met to consider how best to future proof the PRS to ensure that it is best equipped and supported to meet the needs of older and disabled renters.

HOME shared ownership logo
What is the Home Ownership for People with Long Term Disabilities Scheme?

Not many people seem to know about the Government's Help To Buy Scheme for People with Long-Term Disabilities. Yet, it could offer long-term security for eligible people.

Disabled Facilities Grant in the Private Rented Sector
Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) in the Private Rented Sector.

National Residential Landlords Association launches a new campaign on Adaptations in the PRS, calling for greater cooperation between landlords & local authorities, and clear communications around DFGs.

Why don't we build accessible homes in England 2021 AccessiblePRS.jpeg
Why don’t we build homes that are fit for purpose?

Following the recent government consultation on Raising Accessibility Standards, Jacquel Runnalls highlights the wealth of evidence-based research proving the urgent need to build inclusive homes.

Private Landlords providing wheelchair accessible homes.jpg
Private Landlords As Part of the Solution for Accessible Housing.

Accessible housing offers Private Landlords an investment strategy to counter many existing PRS uncertainties. We have a look at how AccessiblePRS can help you unlock these advantages.

Build Extend Renovate Refurbish Accessible Property AccessiblePRS
Building, Extending & Renovating Accessible Homes.

Are you searching for architects or designers with experience and knowledge of accessible & inclusive design? We signpost some UK practices here.

Accessibility is relevant to mainstream property.
The Relevance of Accessible Housing Today.

AccessiblePRS helps property clients understand that accessibility and inclusive design in housing is relevant and beneficial to them.

New Accessible Property Portfolio Is Launching Pilot Scheme
New Accessible Property Portfolio Is Launching Pilot Scheme.

AccessiblePRS is pleased to be working with Abode Impact to deliver accessible rental properties, starting with a pilot portfolio in a number of regional cities.

Opportunity in the unfamiliar in property
The Value of the Unfamiliar in Property.

Happy New Year! Covid-19 is providing the property sector with an opportunity to be curious, learn and improve its offerings, for those decision makers with an eye on a future-proof strategy.

Wheelchair Tenants Register with AccessiblePRS
Finding Rental Properties for Wheelchair Users.

At last, help is here for wheelchair users looking to privately rent an accessible home. Find out what you can expect from AccessiblePRS as a tenant with accessibility requirements.

Guy Harris AccessiblePRS
Introducing Guy Harris, founder of AccessiblePRS.

Why accessibility is not just a niche, but an industry benchmark standard for good design. Meet Guy Harris and find out what property means for him.

AccessiblePRS is creating accessible family homes
Future-Proofing Homes & Your Property Investments.

It makes financial and social sense to ensure that new properties are fully accessible and inclusive. This is easy to do but requires a commitment to do it right.

Find accessible rental properties with AccessiblePRS
Increasing the Supply of Accessible Rental Homes.

Guy Harris, a full-time wheelchair user since an RTA in 2003, on his new business AccessiblePRS, which is increasing the supply of UK accessible privately rented homes for wheelchair users.