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For private landlords, wheelchair users as tenants offer real positives. We help you understand how best to meet accessible housing needs and benefit from the chronic supply & demand imbalance.

Private Landlords and Wheelchair Users as Tenants AccessiblePRS

Private Landlords with Wheelchair Users As Tenants.

We're always interested to learn the motivation behind each of our private landlords actively wanting to house tenants who are wheelchair users. Reasons range from understanding the real and immediate needs - as a result of personal or family experience - valuing social purpose in a pension-building asset, and understanding the case for long-term, financial resilience with accessible properties. 

Whatever your reason, what's worth noting are the variety of routes to explore depending on your situation, location and objectives. If you have already have a property and it needs adaptations, this is feasible and there may be grant funding available or tenants who are happy to do the works with your approval. However, it's not always the cleanest or most cost effective route. When assessing your best options, we like to start with the tenant, because this can give you a degree of direction and certainty before spending any money. 

Whether you want to be in control of your own property or portfolio, or if you have funds to invest into property and you'd like to be part of a joint project, we'd love to talk to you. 

Our Private Landlord Support & Services.

How AccessiblePRS Can Help You.

Plan Appraisals & Accessibility Guidance

If you have a property that you want to consider, or you are about to start renovations and want to make sure that you're designs are optimised for future flexibility as well as wheelchair accessibility, we can offer you support and guidance, depending on your needs - whether you're after an general opinion or a detailed review of a single project or whole refurbishment / new build scheme. On bigger builds, accessibility is required from approach or arrival to the accessible units, including common parts and shared facilities. Detailed guidance includes how spaces can be used and commercially maximised for the PRS, as well as compliance in the designs.

Tenant Sourcing

If you're all set up and ready to go, but just need a wheelchair using tenant, let us do the work. We have a list of registered applicants, nationwide and at a range of budgets and requirement. ]

We work with an industry leading organisation to provide any of your marketing needs, including EPCs, photographs, floor plans, video tours, and more. These superb quality assets support our clear approach to potential tenants, and gives everyone confidence in what is being offered and whether it might be suitable in meeting accessibility needs. 

Joint Projects

The private rental market has seen many changes in recent years with more to come. We see this pushing smaller landlords out of the market, in favour of corporate landlords. We see this as a shame, as private landlords offer diversity, including location, property, type of tenure and landlord relationship. If you'd like to be involved in property, and have greater or lesser involvement, we have a range of ideas and projects that need partners. We'd love to talk with you.

Landlord Services

We offer all the usual services you'd expect from an agent, such as reference checks and tenancy agreements via a trusted third partner. You choose whether you'd like to manage your properties closely or have them working for you at arms length. For more information, and to discuss your needs or accessibility as a Landlord benefit, please get in touch.