About Accessible PRS

AccessiblePRS is led by London and Hampshire-based Guy Harris.

It was founded to the join the dots of property investment, investment trends, demand for accessibility, disability experience, credible marketing and social impact. Our pragmatic and commercial approach allies financial opportunity for investors and effective and aspirational, universal design. 

Our network of experienced professionals are united by common values, are centred on a commitment to better housing for all. We are experienced and collaborative, and we are with you the whole way. 

Guy Harris is committed to seeing a growth of universally accessible housing as a result of his own experiences. He has spent over twenty years in property – in sales, asset acquisitions, refurbishment and development, and as a landlord and investor in residential and commercial property in the UK and Germany. 

He has designed and built his own accessible and sustainable family home, and lives by the social model of disability: by removing obstacles in the built environment, a person is not limited to or defined by their disability. 
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Our Process

The diversity of briefs and budgets that we respond to means that the deliverables that we provide can be equally diverse. However, there is a common process in the delivery of our services.

Process Circles