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AccessiblePRS is led by London and Hampshire-based Guy Harris.

AccessiblePRS works with property companies, letting agencies and consultants, investors, designers and developers to catalyse access and inclusion into mainstream housing, and particularly the private rented sector. The conversation around accessibility has been growing over the past few years and people are starting to waken to its relevance and benefits for their property goals. However, there is a gap between considering a concept and understanding how to put a best foot forward in bringing the different elements of accessible property investments together in a way that is effective and adds value - rather than being a costly and resented bolt-on. We are positioned between the concept and the successful implementation, advising clients and collaborating with existing teams of property professionals.

We live to create more accessible environments. In order to achieve our goals we must tailor our approach to achieve excellent results for each client, so that they embrace inclusivity, rather than merely tolerating it. The high demand and low supply of accessible housing provide an opportunity - albeit one that needs to be implemented correctly. There are already 1.8 million households in the UK that contain at least one person with a disability - which masks who and how many other people are also impacted, therefore. Of concern are the 1.2m wheelchair users, including over 400,000 who live in unsuitable housing - and a large percentage of these are horror stories. Remember too that by 2036 one in four of us will be over the age of 65. 

AccessiblePRS was founded by Guy Harris to (1) increase the supply of wheelchair accessible housing in the UK, (2) make it easy for wheelchair users to find suitable properties to rent privately and (3) change the narrative around accessibility in housing so that the mainstream property sector understands its relevance and benefits.

We work closely with our clients and partners in a variety of ways. So whether you have a particular challenge or want to explore a longer term property partnership, get in touch to see how we can help you.
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Guy Harris

Guy founded and runs AccessiblePRS. He is committed to seeing a growth of accessible housing, seeing it as absolutely necessary and also a huge opportunity as a chronically undersupplied market area. He has spent over twenty years in property – in sales, asset acquisitions, refurbishment and development, and as a landlord and investor in residential and commercial property in the UK and Germany. Having sustained a spinal injury in 2003, he brings lived experience to his role, providing both commercially driven and insightful perspectives to the challenge of accessibility in housing. 

He has designed and built his own accessible and sustainable family home, and lives by the social model of disability: by removing obstacles in the built environment, a person is not limited to or defined by their disability. 
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Jacquel Runnalls AccessiblePRS

Jacquel Runnalls

Jacquel Runnalls is our Design Lead. She brings heavyweight experience on design matters as a qualified housing occupational therapist and inclusive environments specialist (with a Masters in Accessibility and Inclusive Design). She is a member of the Access Association, the Royal College of Occupational Therapist’s Specialist Section in Housing and sits on B/559 – the BSI committee responsible for an ‘Accessible and Inclusive Built Environment’. She has experience of a range of building types but predominantly in new build housing, from pre-planning to post occupancy and work with the Mayor of London on a range of projects/publications including the London Accessible Housing Register and Wheelchair Design Guidance. She previously sat on the Government’s Technical Housing Standards Review Access group which led to the revised Part M Volume 1.

Jacquel co-authored Habinteg’s 3rd Wheelchair Housing Design Guide Wheelchair Housing Design Guide (3rd Ed.) which is a clear and authoritative book clearly distinguishing between regulation and benchmark levels for wheelchair housing. Jacquel works within a local authority estate regeneration project and with other organisations in an independent capacity such as CAE, Habinteg and Homefinder UK (including the Accessible Now project).
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Terry Shuttleworth AccessiblePRS

Terry Shuttleworth

Terry is our Digital Build partner, with his business Morse Digital. He advises on and turns each concept into web based reality, ensuring that each step is compatible with future pipeline projects and additions. Additionally, Terry supports AccessiblePRS on digital security and ensuring that all our tech remains current in such a fast moving environment.

Terry's competence is matched by his calm efficiency. As Morse Digital’s Managing Director, he solves technology issues for clients, handling clients including Sony Pictures, Capita, Nokia and O2. He is a dependable and responsive partner, seeing AccessiblePRS through growth and change.
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