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Solving the accessible (affordable and sustainable) housing crisis needs different solutions than repackaging the ones that created the mess.

Agile Home Possibilities 2022

What are you looking to achieve?

Our partnership with Agile Homes gives us the ways and means to fulfil our vision to create wheelchair accessible homes at scale. Agile brings a disruptive intelligence to housing, finding paths through complex housing issues, which we find refreshing: because new models and an understanding of the intercorrelation of issues will meet the healthy and sustainable  solve the UK housing crisis. 

By working in collaboration with your organisation, we offer a way for your organisation to meet its objectives of delivering high quality, space compliant, low-carbon affordable homes, without having to sell off the family silver (i.e. your land). We are totally flexible with both how we design and build and also with regards to financing homes - AccessiblePRS can bring capital funding.

To learn more about who we work with and how we can help, you'll find further information under the Client Sectors section.

We don't discriminate on size or organisational structure. 

Who Are You?

Private Individuals

Private one-off home in the drive or garden (i.e. within the curtilage) of an existing home - perhaps an acquired disability following a traumatic injury or a degenerative condition that means thinking about changing or future needs?

Local Authority

Need accessible and affordable homes, with social rents, or shared ownership and open market sale properties? Find out more here

NHS Trusts

Provision of homes, at social rents, close to work is a serious issue for NHS Trusts, affecting staff recruitment and retention. We already have examples of where we are collaborating with an NHS Trust to provide safe, civil, low-carbon and affordable homes. Critically, we're not developers, so whilst we provide the homes and can bring the funding, our model means that the land value stays with the NHS Trust and/or Community, offering long term, affordable housing security.

Church, Charity or Registered Provider

Church, Charity or Registered Provider with land for housing or governance mandate target? Without the resources to build a small, medium or large sized scheme BUT don't want to have to sell the family silver (i.e. your land)? Please get in touch to see how we can help you meet your objectives with a partner that can bring capital funding and help you preserve your asset value.

Community Land Trust or Cohousing Group

Looking for a rapid-response housing solution that enables the delivery of high quality, space compliant, low-carbon affordable homes. We've examples we'd be pleased to show and talk you through. If you run a cohousing group, we can offer a short talk to explain how you can benefit from integrating accessibility as part of your design mindset and project DNA from the outset.

Housing Association

Housing Associations face many housing challenges - some of which they are well equipped to deal with, and others less so. One such area is where there is a need for a deep retrofit of the estate. If works can be carried out when a property is vacant, this reduces the costs and timescale whilst being a more thorough job. Given the lack of accessible housing, re-housing tenants with accessible housing needs is challenging. The good news is that it needn't be. Schedule a call and let us tell you how we can help. 

Local Homelessness Organisation

Working with Agile Homes is great because solving housing issues is built into their DNA. As well as investment from homelessness organisations they also have projects on the ground (and in the air) for homelessness. We'd like to push these further and include accessibility. When you have few or no housing options, this picture is worse when you put accessible housing needs into the mix.

Children's Services

Transitioning from care to independent living is a big deal. Strained resources can feel like throwing young adults out of care and into an expensive next stage. That needn't be the case: we have a pilot scheme that found a better solution for both the young adult transitioning and those people caring for them. And it saved the authority money, all of which can be channelled back into the services.

Private Landlord / Land Owner

Our homes are agile and can be deployed in a variety of new settings. Whether that be on microsites, that would not normally be available to build homes on; or on rooftops, creating value where none excited before; or simply raised off the ground on stilts, maybe straddling a wall. We've done it before! 

Owner of a Building with a Flat Roof

You already have land at zero cost. You have the option to build good quality homes, generate a fast return (sale or letting) before moving forward with the rest of your project. We have the capability and experience to make it happen for you. Considering your options? Schedule a call.

Estate Agents

Blue sky thinking, not for the faint hearted. For the progressive, who want to find new ways of harnessing data, solving housing shortages and generating income, come and talk with us. We might just have something for you...
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