AccessiblePRS is a property consultancy, specialising in accessibility in the rental sector.

We are increasing the supply of accessible homes and making it easy for wheelchair users to find somewhere suitable to rent privately.

We're also changing the narrative around accessibility - so that its benefits and value are understood and embraced by the mainstream property sector.
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Accessible Property Strategy and Advice to Landlords and Investors Accessible PRS
We provide advice and support services for landlords and investors to create more accessible and financially resilient portfolios
Landlords & Investors
Wheelchair tenant with accessible kitchen Accessible PRS
We help wheelchair tenants searching for an accessible home within the private rented sector 
Supporting design professionals architects developers with accessibility Accessible PRS
We collaborate with designers and developers for inclusive design and implementation of accessibility within a scheme 
Designers & Developers

Guy’s insight into accessibility has given us valuable strategy and focus. Our previously perceived difficulties just weren’t there.

Ian, Property Investor

Wheelchair father playing with his kids
Sustainable Co Living Scheme LILAC

Building Sustainably

Whilst our main focus as a company is accessibility, we believe that it should go hand-in-hand with sustainability.