Local Authorities

Local Authorities

We help progressive Local Authorities to house tenants with Accessible Housing needs across all tenures - e.g. Emergency Accommodation, Homelessness and Long Term Housing.

Affordable, high quality, low carbon, wheelchair accessible housing. This is not too good to be true. We're doing it and let's be clear about what we mean when we use these terms: 

  • Over 90% of our pipeline is at Social or LHA rents.
  • Our Agile homes are triple glazed and fully insulated, meaning EPC ratings of 'A' as standard (our homes use up to 90% less energy and cost to heat than traditional build).  
  • BOPAS and CHAS certified as well as Future Homes 2025 ready.
  • A typical one bedroom home stores around 27 tonnes of atmospheric carbon. We build using biomass. We don't pour concrete or use steel frames.
  • Our homes return 97p of social value per £1 invested (and you get a home!) evaluated using LA calculators.
  • Our manufacturing and delivery methodology means complete flexibility - except that we won't down-spec. Our design process is person-centric around resident and stakeholder needs. 
Solving today's Local Authority housing challenges needs new models. AccessiblePRS works closely with Agile Property to unlock land so that you don't need to sell it, structure projects in spite of complex stakeholders, and to deliver homes to help you meet your statutory obligations and help people in housing need. We are not developers. We are coproduction partners delivering low carbon, affordable homes.  Regularly, we introduce or signpost capital funding to our projects.

We are about creating a new supply for Local Authorities, shifting away from the expensive and fraught daily search for emergency and temporary PRS beds, hostels and accessible properties. This provides surety of housing supply and reduces the unsustainable, Local Authority, accommodation budget overspend. We have pilots on the ground already in Bristol and Torbay, and our objective is to pilot this with other innovative LAs. 
Image below is illustrative only. Properties can be designed to any configuration.
Agile T62 Accessible Living 2022 2B3P property AccessiblePRS

Our Homes

We are partners with Agile Property. They support our work by manufacturing good quality, sustainable housing individually or at scale, that can be designed on a property by property basis, or by property design type. They comply with Nationally Defined Space Standards, exceed Building Regulations and meet the 2025 Future Homes Standard. The properties surpass the Housing Industry Standard 60 years Design Life. The homes are made predominantly from natural materials (timber and straw), so bank carbon (a one bed home banks 27 tonnes of atmospheric carbon). They are energy efficient, and can be delivered in 24 weeks from point of order. They solve multiple housing issues, and not just one siloed approach - which invariably tends to exclude accessibility.

Our homes are built, using MMC (prefabricated homes) with a design that can allow a property to be moved. Whilst moving a property is not desirable, it is possible. So if after, say, an initial 15 year lease, your local authority decides it wants to allocate the land to some other use, the property can then be moved to another similar plot. This removes the risk that Local Authority has with traditional developers, where the LA has to make a choice to sell the family silver (their land).

Meanwhiling and Pilot Schemes

Our solution is flexible. It needs to be: Local Authorities are large and complex organisations, and faced with the daily pressures of housing, putting a new model in place can seem too remote to consider, despite leaders asking for new solutions. As a collaborative approach with existing partners, we've been able to use pilot schemes - as small as one home - to unlock a situation, and demonstrate cost savings and solutions that our LA partner hadn't even hoped for! Solutions don't need to tie in an LA forever, and there is no risk for the Local Authority: no selling of land, no giveaways. Additionally, as we can do the heavy lifting, there is no extra resourcing required by the LA. Sounds too good to be true? Please schedule a call so we can present ourselves in more detail. 

Case Studies

If any of the following sounds familiar (not an exhaustive list!) we'd be pleased to hear from you to talk you through how we can help, by providing good quality, sustainable and wheelchair accessible homes:

  • Legacy cases - known wheelchair users waiting months and years for suitable housing to become available.
  • Rehousing Post Trauma - an existing resident, having suffered an injury and disability, unable to return to their home as it doesn't meet their accessibility needs. 
  • Unsuitable and costly housing - a young disabled person locked into an end-of-life residential care facility due to lack of suitable housing.
  • Relocation requests - people with accessible housing needs wanting to relocate due to work, family and other reasons.
  • Homelessness - sofa surfers and homeless people with accessible housing needs, but nowhere to house them.
  • PRS Landlord Selling Up - and evicting existing wheelchair user tenant who can't find anywhere suitable in the PRS.
  • Vulnerable people locked in to an abusive situation - a need for emergency accommodation that is also wheelchair accessible.
Torquay Tam Agile Homes 2022