Case Managers and Occupational Therapists

Case Managers & Occupational Therapists

Working directly with you to find wheelchair accessible homes for your clients.

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How Can AccessiblePRS Help You?

We work with case managers, occupational therapists and deputies in a number of ways.

Usually, initial contact is to find wheelchair accessible properties for your clients, or connecting your client to accessible transition housing while adaptations are being made to the family home or a settlement case is going through, post injury, trauma or illness.

We work with private, corporate and build-to-rent landlords, as well as letting agents and property portals to join the dots of catalysing accessibility and inclusion in the mainstream housing sector. We offer a tenant sourcing service to our property clients and are developing a pipeline of wheelchair accessible properties, that you can tap into (as well as our registered applicants).

Please get in touch or send us an email with your details to receive priority notification when accessible properties become available. 
Please note: we will not sell or share your information with anyone, and will not send you unrelated sales emails pitching for additional services.

What are we doing about wheelchair accessible housing?

Finding wheelchair accessible properties in the UK is a significant challenge post injury, illness or trauma. Quite simply, the UK has not been building M4(3) wheelchair accessible homes, and the processes to find suitable properties (or even just workable) is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. AccessiblePRS is solving this housing crisis issue - yep, it's a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) that we've totally embraced!

One of three key objectives for us is to increase the supply of wheelchair accessible homes, at scale, within the UK. We have a number of routes to achieve this, to allow for different situations, resources and aspirations - from social and private rental to bespoke high quality, low carbon homes with a rapid delivery process. In some cases we can use specific legislation that allows for a fast solution, using a certificate of lawfulness route rather than planning permission. Get in touch with us to find out more.

As wheelchair accessible homes become available, it's imperative that we connect this housing supply with the demand from wheelchair users and their families. Just as it's essential that we evidence the demand for wheelchair accessible housing. This missing link has been evident in every part of the housing sector, and is a critical pathway to success. 

To this end, we work with case managers, occupational therapists, deputies and legal firms to update directly when suitable and accessible homes become available. 

What Else Can AccessiblePRS Do For You?

Catalysing accessibility and inclusion in the mainstream housing sector has meant joining dots and visionary thinking. We're moving the question from How on Earth? to Why Wouldn't We?!

Agile Thinking, Agile Homes

If custom design and self-build is an option, let us show you how we do it:

  • High quality homes that are super insulated, including triple glazing throughout, that reduces energy consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional build (they've A+ EPCs), whilst maintaining a comfortable and consistent temperature of 20/21º through the use of healthy and renewable materials and building to Passivehaus standards.
  • A flexible MMC build system made out of renewable materials, capturing 27 tonnes of carbon per (1 bed) unit - the equivalent saving of 100 Teslas in Ludicrous Mode!
  • Fully customisable in design, and a rapid start to finish timeframe for the key in the front door, including planning.
  • BOPAS and CHAS accredited and 2025 Future Homes ready.
  • Fully financeable via a choice of routes.

Understanding Your Options

Whilst the housing market catches up with M4(3) accessibility, you still need to provide options to meet your clients' accessible housing needs. We can talk you through what these may look like according to the flow processes we're putting in place.

Accessible Design and Self-Build

Support for project teams throughout all RIBA work stages. Please include us from the beginning (Stage 0 – Strategic Definition) as accessibility is most successful when designed in from the start. 


Full support through purchase, design, supply and implementation.