Knight Frank and AccessiblePRS Partnership

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Knight Frank and AccessiblePRS Partnership

Knight Frank has lead inclusion within the Private Rented Sector, by updating their internal processes, and the information in their property listings, to level the search processes for people with accessible housing needs.

Knight Frank AccessiblePRS Partnership

Knight Frank: a case study for accessible lettings

Knight Frank is leading the way on Accessibility and inclusion Lettings. Gary Hall, Partner Head of Lettings, says “Our partnership with AccessiblePRS has enabled us to make positive changes, which have opened up the viewing process for those with accessibility needs.” 

Knight Frank appointed engaged, and personally motivated, Accessibility Champions, who deliver updates, communicate their work across the business, identify new opportunities and gather data to evidence growing the strategy. 

A key success factor has been including accessibility features in their marketing material and ensuring that during their daily meetings they discuss searches and properties not only on, but coming to, the market. 

Recently, Angharad Lonnon from Knight Frank’s Esher office, visited a potential landlord, mid-refurbishment of a suitable, inherited property. During the following day’s team meeting, a negotiator identified an applicant with a disabled child, whom they thought the property could suit. The applicant was introduced to the property, where they made an immediate and strong offer, on a long term agreement. Works to rip out existing accessible property features were halted and more features were built in. 

Landlord: “Angharad’s intervention was hugely appreciated, and accepting this particular offer was an absolute no-brainer. It’s fabulous to know that our asset is a positive part of this wonderful family’s lives.” 

Tenant: “We had been looking for some time and were thrilled by Knight Frank’s proactive approach to our situation. Can’t thank you enough.” 

Beverley Kennard, Head of Lettings Operations, and the Accessible PRS lead says, “The team’s insight in identifying this applicant contributed to winning the instruction and securing an excellent agreement that works for both the landlord and the tenant, adding social value to a commercial transaction.” 

Knight Frank recent data validates commercial benefits to inclusion: 

  • Up to 4x increased engagement on related social media posts, and 

  • Enhanced organic search engine results on related searches. 
Knight Frank Accessible Property Search
Knight Frank Accessible Property Search 2