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Landlord Newsletter - July 2021

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Find wheelchair users as tenants with AccessiblePRS

Dear Landlord

Landlords: passive income?

Imagine: a tenant that wants to stay in your BTL property for the next 10+ years with no void periods, yet regular rent reviews. They are out there and your investment might already be suitable.

Property investors aspire to passive income. Yet, many will know that quick turnovers, related agent interactions and fees, property refreshers, regularly dealing with trades, non-payers, and void periods are not passive.

I used to own a block of flats in Leipzig, East Germany. It was as close to a passive income as I've known. The tenants were long-term, enjoyed their privacy and were happy to report maintenance issues early. The rents came straight into my account, and I had a responsive agent who dealt with the bureaucracy.

Wheelchair users as tenants offer many of the same low maintenance characteristics. With such a chronically low supply of suitable properties, and a demoralisingly frustrating process to find somewhere, wheelchair users value landlords who provide a suitable home, and they look after their properties. 

Can you sign up a wheelchair tenant? 

We start with the tenant. Knowing who they are, their budgets and requirements, means knowing if they're going to be suitable for you from the start, which gives you greater certainty for your investment and yields. 

Either you have a property, in which case we can help you understand if it's already suitable, what works might need doing, or if it's not feasible. Or you're looking to buy a property, in which case we can help tailor the search, so that what you buy works for everyone. Then the conveyancing and tenancy on-boarding processes can dovetail, and your revenue stream can start from completion. 

If you need to do adaptation works to a property, and want to know what to do and who pays for it, we'll guide you through. The cost of adaptations depends on what's involved and at what point of the property cycle you're doing them. As Funding Adaptations Works is an FAQ, we wrote a short article on it, which you can view by clicking below.

Where do I start?

Call us! My number is below. Or the link below lets you choose a time that works for you. We can speak via phone or Zoom. Let's find out what your needs are, and address any concerns you may have so that we can put them to rest. 
We're on all the usual channels - click on the icons at the bottom of this page - and post regularly about issues in and around accessible housing. Please do follow us. Likes, comments and shares all help accelerate our process. 
In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and any holiday plans! 

Best wishes