APRS Newsletter 18 Jan 2023

AccessiblePRS Newsletter - 18th January 2023

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Dear Guest

Happy New Year! January was fast out of the gates again, and I'm buoyed by the plans and visions of some lively conversations. I see the appetite from individuals within housing organisations to address housing equality and opportunity. My role in changing the accessibility and inclusion narrative, from what is to what if, is about providing positive stories. These raise morale, transform the understanding of what is possible, and create the motivation to act. It all starts with a conversation.

We are commissioning independent, ground-breaking research to rewrite the narrative around accessibility in housing. We know that progressive people in some housing organisations need tangible evidence to bring colleagues along with them on the journey to ensure we leave no-one behind. I want to help Decision Makers link downstream costs of inadequate housing are more expensive than investing policy and resources into appropriate housing processes - never mind the social fallout - and that we all share responsibility. 

AccessiblePRS is in a unique position to understand the sector when it comes to accessibility and private rentals - which includes social housing strategies - because we set ourselves up to solve the challenges that others wouldn't or couldn't. Our combined property sector and disability experiences, hardware solutions, sector intelligence and access to leaders at influential property organisations add up to new models and paradigms, for those who value the implementable actions of change-making and progress. 
I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes
Guy Harris
07836 225435