APRS Newsletter 14 Dec 2022

AccessiblePRS Newsletter - 14th December 2022

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Dear Guest

I like this part of the year (in spite of the kids sharing their lurgy): reflecting back on one year and visualising the one ahead. I'm grateful for the milestones and progress in 2022. They continue to pave the way to normalising and familiarising accessibility and inclusion in mainstream housing.

A year ago, we launched the Accessible Letting Scheme with Chestertons, levelling the process of searching online for properties for older and disabled renters with accessible housing needs. One year later? Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket have signed up to the changes we're asking of them. They're implementing the updates in 2023. Meanwhile, we've also signed up and trained both corporate and independent letting agents, who take pride in offering an inclusive service for all property searchers. Special mention goes to Knight Frank (page linked is a work in progress but notice the "team" shown) who are deeply committed. We'll scale this up in 2023. 

A year ago, we were talking with Agile Homes about accessibility and inclusion. They totally got it, and this year we became partners and have a high quality, low carbon accessible housing solution - that's got A rated EPCs, and locks up 27 tonnes of atmospheric carbon in a typical 1 bed, by the way! Our partnership and influence is one of several strategies to bring us closer to our vision of increasing the supply of accessible homes at scale across the UK. Agile offers a real solution for Co-Production when talking with Local Authorities and Housing Associations about meeting their accessible housing needs. 

A year ago, we were focussed on reframing the narrative around accessibility, to show how it is relevant and beneficial in mainstream housing organisations. This year, we've enjoyed greater reach as I've been invited to speak at events and meetings and share our narrative. And clearly others believe in the why of our work, because we've had follow-ups and new clients from each event to work together on the how. Story-telling and making the links between people's personal experiences and their professional opportunities really changes things. Next year we're adding some incredible research to the narrative - could your organisation help fund it? And we've also agreed a series of articles for the RICS publication through 2023. 

It's been a year to be proud of! Meanwhile, we'll close for the Christmas break at the end of this week, ready for the fresh start of January! If you want to be part of the 2023 journey towards accessibility and inclusion, we'd love to hear from you.
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas!

Best wishes

Guy Harris
07836 225435