31 October 22

AccessiblePRS Newsletter - 31st October 2022

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Dear Guest

Whilst working on a design team brief for a pilot project with Agile Homes and Places for People, I introduced a different perspective for inclusion, and it was electric! Everyone got it immediately: we stopped looking at accommodation as problematic, and pivoted to a concept that shone a light on moments of inclusion and shared experiences that would, unseen, help nurture some vulnerable and traumatised souls on their recovery journey. 

I've been reprimanded for not sharing updates of what I've been doing and the great in-roads we've been making for accessibility and inclusion in the property sector. Clearly, from the collaborative perspective, the greater the visibility, the greater potential for sparking momentum, change and impact in other germinating projects. 

This October, I spoke to a sold-out, Radical Housing Conference, hosted in Bristol by Agile Homes, University of West England and Design West. It was a meeting of minds and motivation for many in public sector, third sector and private sector housing roles who want to do more and do better. We all need a reminder that we're not all working in isolation.

We think of accessibility and inclusion as difficult, complex, unmanageable, conceptual, and financially unfeasible. I'm here to say that this isn't the case. The obstacles we rationalise for marginalising accessible housing are shadowy. Worse, they prevent us from grasping wider possibilities, that can save money for local authorities and housing associations, whilst providing outcomes that meet more of your needs as housing providers.

AccessiblePRS is solution-led. It's a collaborative approach that starts with a conversation. Click on the button below to schedule a Zoom call, or use my direct details in my signature.
I look forward to speaking with you!

Best wishes

Guy Harris
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